17 Year Old Tom receives a Primrose Award

Tom is a young man who was nominated by the Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club (CWSC) for a Primrose Award. This formidable 17 year old, has faced quite a few tough challenges in his growing  life, having severe Spina Bifida, combined with recent major spinal surgery leading to low self esteem. All of this set Tom back quite a bit and he was at one stage about to give in and let his challenges beat him. Though, with the support of the CWSC he has excelled in the sport of wheelchair basketball and, as a result, has been selected by Team GB to to train with their under 23 elite wheelchair basketball squad.

Encouraged and inspired by Tom's story and his great efforts in meeting his challenges, the CiaO Foundation were more than happy to present him with a Primrose Award. In conjunction with a few other organisations the CiaO Foundation provided Tom with an Elite Basketball Sports Chair. 

“Tom is a uniquely talented basketball player just recently 'discovered' by CWSC and Team GB. From almost completely giving in to the challenges his life-long disability has brought him, he now faces the very different challenge of representing his country at the highest level of sporting achievement, whilst still a youngster!”

Dr Ruth Jeffcoate – Professional Fundraiser

“Tom's journey through challenge to potential success is an awesome one” and we at the CiaO Foundation would like to wish Tom well for his forthcoming sporting challenges, endeavours and the opportunities they are bound to bring. 

We will aim keep you updated with Tom's progress as his inspiring story continues.

Tom in his brand new basketball wheelchair as his Primrose Award