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A Christmas Challenge 

The CiaO Foundation has proudly presented its unique Primrose Award to two remarkable nominees connected with the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby team. Jamie Stead is a talented player and Robin Tarr is a truly inspirational coach. Their awards would have, in part, helped with a new challenge as they strive towards competing in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. However, having recently lost funding from UK sport, their future, participation in upcoming major games and that challenge is in jeopardy. Could you help? With a donation to their Just Giving Fundraising Appeal, you could provide a great opportunity and get them closer to meeting their challenge. 

The team are showing so much potential, with a gold win at the European Championships this year and with it a qualifying place in championships in Australia 2018. Even with this and a formal appeal, UK Sport upheld their decision and are not investing in the sport. Determined, the team have decided to take on the additional challenge and are aiming to raise the funds themselves to take them on their amazing journey. 

With the provision of Primrose Awards to both these inspirational recipients, Jamie and Robin, CiaO has made a commitment to them. With that commitment, we are connecting with GBWR also to provide continued support, engagement and encouragement in their worthy endeavour. As part of that, we would like to push the challenge out to you, our viewers and supporters. Could you help, or know someone that might be interested in this worthy cause? Whether it be a donation to GBWR's Fundraising Appeal or sponsorship of a player, any help you could give would make a big difference. 

The GBWR team at a recent fundraising event at Lloyds.


If you would like to know more check out our links below or you can contact: 

Lucy Knight, Head of Fundraising GBWR

E. lucy.knight@gbwr.org.uk

T: 07583963472

Thank you to GBWR for the images above of their recent fundraising event at Lloyds.