Meet Drew, our previous CiaO Award recipient

Pop Up Gym Visit - Picture Story

You may remember, a few months back we gave an award of Artist Materials to Drew and his Pop Up Gym. [Read That Story Here]. Recently, though, our Chairperson Geoffrey Barber and Trustee Graham Harris went to Newcastle to visit the Pop Up Gym and see it in action. There, they saw how the awarded artist materials are being used but also what a great endeavour the whole gym is, providing so many opportunities to people in the area with Spinal Cord Injuries.



It was great to meet Geoffrey and Graham at Pop-up Gym and to show them how your support is helping us help others.  Pop-up Gym is going from strength to strength and those using it so far are already getting some of the benefits that Drew was lucky to take advantage of the USA – thank you for believing in us."

Yvonne Bell, Friend and Trustee of Pop Up Gym 


Pop Up Gym provide rehabilitation and fitness maintenance services for people who have spinal cord injuries. Rather than having one location, their mission is to travel all around the north to help and provide these services. They aim to provide a fun and pleasant environment for their clients, where they can feel comfortable to exercise without feeling self-conscious.