CiaO Award Recipient Glenn in his new Strikeforce Football Powerchair

CiaO Award Helps Glenn Pursue His Dream

Challenges can be hard when they stop you in your tracks, especially if they also stop you from achieving your dream in life. 39-year-old Glenn is truly passionate about football and as a child, all he wanted to be was a footballer. Though, confined to a wheelchair it seemed a very impossible goal and destined to remain forever a dream.

Glenn has Cerebral Palsy which means he is very much dependent on his wheelchair and has faced the possible disadvantages his condition might bring. Though, Glenn says himself “I never considered myself or my disability as a disadvantage! If anything, it has made me a stronger and more determined person.” He was surprised to find there was a way he could take part in and realise his dream when he found out about Powerchair Football. He tried it, loved it and it has literally changed his life. He now plays for two teams Northern Thunder and Newcastle United Powerchair Football, twice being part of the national and regional championship teams. Unfortunately for Glenn to move forward in the sport he required and a new wheelchair that would help with his efforts and rigorous training regime.

Through his determination, Glenn managed to raise a lot of the funds needed for his new Strike-force Football Powerchair. The CiaO Foundation was pleased to be able to provide the outstanding amount in the form of a CiaO Award. Glenn now has his new powerchair and it has already been helping improve his game as he is back in training. His new aspiration is to work towards and try out for a place on the English National Powerchair Football team. Thoughtful as he is determined, Glenn has also donated his old chair back to the club, that another person might have the opportunity to get involved in the sport.



“Never give up hope if you want or need something. Don't give up hope as you never know what’s around the corner."

Glenn – CiaO Award Recipient

“It has been such a pleasure to connect with Glenn. He has been such an eager, resolute and considerate individual and worked hard for his new chair and to get where he is in the sport."

Jamie McGhee - Media Manager CiaO Foundation