CiaO's First International Award helping Karma through Medical School in Nepal

Karma’s Dream Becomes a Reality with CiaO’s First International Award

Caught firmly in the belt of the Himalayas, Nepal is a stunningly beautiful country. It’s remote and mountainous areas also make it a highly challenging one. All factors mean it is a popular destination, as people test themselves, with the likes of Everest and it’s Base Camp being the most well-known challenges. It is very fitting that Nepal should also be the location of our first International CiaO Award. In collaboration with the Charitable Foundation for the Education of Nepalese Children (CFENC), CiaO is very pleased to announce an award covering the medical fees of a promising young man, Karma.

At 19 Karma has experienced many challenges and hardship through most of his life. As part of the Sherpa ethnic group, he originally lived in the remote mountains of Khotang in Nepal, where a poor, hard life is the reality. A move to Kathmandu would seem to be a boost for Karma, though it was marred by his mother leaving when he was very young, and life was still very difficult. He lived with his father and grandfather, both Buddhist monks, in a small one-room apartment existing, just, on alms collected by his father for prayer ceremonies. Despite his hardship, Karma had always wanted to be a doctor, a dream that would have gone unfulfilled had it not been for the CFENC. They helped him on a new path of opportunity, funding his secondary school education, science A levels and a bridging course enabling him to apply and be accepted to Medical college.

Karma has proven to be a committed and diligent student as well as personable, kind and charming. He has encouraged his college mates in good causes and even risked his own life delivering aid, with a team of CFENC volunteers, during the Nepal 2015 earthquakes. Founding Trustee of CFENC, Lisa Whitehouse-Foskett, explained how they were “delighted that Karma was accepted into Kathmandu Medical College earlier this year to undertake studies. In turn, once graduated he will be able to carry on his dream and help others in need.” To continue, Karma needs support with his tuition fees and CiaO is proud to be able to offer him that, with a CiaO Award in collaboration with CFENC.


“However hard, however difficult life is and however negative others may be, never give up on your personal potential.”"

Karma – CiaO Award Recipient

“Karma is a person with great potential. We know this Award, combined with his courage, strength and spirit, will help in him in achieving it. We are so pleased to be collaborating with such a wonderful charity as the CFENC, especially on this our first International CiaO Award."

Nügmais Powlesland - Charity Manager CiaO Foundation 



CFENC logoThe Charitable Foundation for the Education of Nepalese Children (CFENC) is a small not-for-profit charity founded in 2009. They work with great passion to help and improve the educational opportunities available to all children of all ages and backgrounds in Nepal. This is achieved though the provision of grants covering tuition and fees, as well as supplying educational materials, stationery and equipment all with the aim to advance individuals in their education. CFENC’s remit also covers the relief of financial need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster in Nepal. This led to their very active involvement with relief efforts in the Nepal 2015 earthquakes.