The First Primrose Awards are Presented

The CiaO Foundation is pleased and proud to announce the presentation of its first Primrose Award on 8th September 2016 to ex-serviceman Nathan, current resident at the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home (QAHH)

The Primrose Awards are the CiaO Foundation’s unique award scheme, giving practical assistance to nominated individuals in meeting challenges and seizing the opportunity from the experience. 

The Nominee

As a national charity for veterans of all ages, the QAHH provide nursing and rehabilitation for disabled servicemen & women. Nathan has been a long-term resident at the home, facing and meeting many challenges, which prompted his nomination and application by this prodigious organisation, for a Primrose Award.  He has suffered two brain haemorrhages; one in 2002 and a second in 2010 leaving him registered disabled. After a 16-year career in the Intelligence section of the Army, Nathan was also diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

However, Nathan has overcome many of these challenges, such as learning to walk again independently, managing regular and debilitating fits which have now become less frequent, and re-learning old skills such as photography and painting. 

Even though he has overcome so much, there are still challenges that Nathan must overcome before being fully rehabilitated and discharged from The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home. As such, the Primrose Award will provide six weeks of multi-disciplinary therapy for Nathan, including Occupational Therapy sessions, helping him to live independently when he eventually leaves QAHH.

Presenting the Award

Geoffrey Barber, the CiaO Foundation Chair, and Trustee Andrew Rogers visited Worthing, Sussex on Thursday the 8th of September 2016 to present the award to Nathan at the QAHH.  They received a warm and glowing reception from the organisation, the staff and the residents and were given a guided tour of the home before the award giving.   

Geoffrey presented the Primrose Award pack to Nathan, including a certificate and his award for his multi-disciplinary therapy. 

Geoffrey Barber presents Nathan a certificate of his Primrose Award
CiaO Foundation Chairman, Geoffrey Barber, presents the first Primrose Award
to Nathan at the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home.

At the presentation Clare Smith, QAHH Trust, Foundation & Legacy Officer, said “We are so grateful to The Ciao Foundation for recognising not only the challenges which Nathan has been faced with, but the many opportunities which his future holds. The award will have a very direct and lasting impact on Nathan’s rehabilitation.” 

Nominations and applications are now being accepted for the next round of Primrose Awards.  If you know someone that could benefit from a Primrose Award, to help with a challenge they are currently experiencing, please review our Primrose Award section for more details.  Applications must be in by the end of October to be considered at the next Trustee meeting.