Welcome to the Application Page for The CiaO Foundation's CiaO Awards.

Before completing, please ensure you have read:

The "Who Can You Nominate for an Award" section to ensure you meet the required criteria for application.

And the "How to Apply for a CiaO Award" section too, which has a useful guide to completing your application.

All the information you will need to know is also included in our "Guide for Applicants" document. You can download a Pdf version of it with the following button.

Download Guide For Applicants Pdf [1.1Mb]

These will help greatly help you in your application process.


You have two choices of how you can fill in your Application. 

  1. Use the Download Application Form button below to download a PDF version of the CiaO Awards application form for you to fill in.  
    1. When completed, you can post to our contact address detailed on the form or submit it here using the Upload Application button to the right.
  2. Alternatively, use the Fill in Application Online button below and type in all your relative information into the form on the subsequent pages.
    1. We often advise downloading the PDF version first as a working copy and then you can easily enter your gathered details into the online application.  

Please note:  We can accept as much corresponding information as you would like to provide with your application. However, we can only accept applications via the official CiaO Award Online Application form or the Downloadable PDF Application form, as below.  Currently, the PDF version needs to be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand.  Though we are working on a version that can be downloaded and filled in digitally. We will announce here and on our social media channels when this is available. 

Please use the buttons below to download a PDF version of the CiaO Awards application form.


Download Application Form Pdf [1.3Mb]      Or Fill in Application Online



Help and Advice 

If you have questions regarding whether you can nominate someone to us for a CiaO Award, how to make an application or on any aspect of the application process, please do contact us 
via our Contact Us Page or email