Receiving a CiaO Award

When you receive your CiaO Award

With a successful application and the return of the signed Terms and Conditions, supplementary Award Questions and any relevant proforma or invoice documentation, your CiaO Award will be provided in the agreed form. 

Please note: your award can only be provided after the return of the Signed Terms & Conditions and the stated documentation (as above). You can review an up to date copy of the T&Cs by clicking on the link, in green, to ensure you will be happy to abide by the stipulations of the award. Signed T&Cs must be returned within 14 days of award notification, with the Award Questions and proforma / invoice within 30 days. Under exceptional circumstances, this can be extended to 90 days but must be communicated to us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may jeopardise your CiaO Award and it may have to return for review by the Trustee panel.

On receipt of your Award, you can proceed with your project or ambition, with the award or assistance provided. The Trustees may, on occasion, wish to attend any opening / completion ceremonies and invite you to CiaO Foundation events. 


Changes to Award usage 

Please be aware, if for some reason there is a change of circumstances for the use of the provided Award, you will be required to write to the Trustees providing information on the change of use. The Trustees will consider this request and you will be notified in writing as to whether or not they agree. If they do not agree for the change of use of the funding you will be required to fully reimburse The CiaO Foundation. 


Finishing your concept 

At the end of your project / idea we will require you to complete an ‘End of Award Monitoring Report.’ This will tell us how the Award was used, and what was achieved with it. You will also be asked to provide any photographs, case studies or testimonials as part of this report, which we may use on our website. 

We may wish to follow up with a visit or contact you to monitor progress / impact of our assistance on your project. Failure to provide any feedback may impact any future applications you make to The CiaO Foundation.



If you prepare any publicity specifically for the project that the Trustees are providing assistance for we would request that a copy of such information is sent to us. 

We may publicise details of your project/trip on our website together with any photos that you have provided.