Once We Have Received Your Application

How we assess applications 

When we have received your completed application, we will start our assessment. We will email to confirm receipt of your application and if necessary request any further information to support / complete your application. It is vital that you check your email inbox / spam folder regularly as this will be the initial method of contact. We request that you respond promptly to any emails as any delays in receiving replies may result in your application not being reviewed by the Trustees at chosen meetings. If it is not received back in time for the meeting it will be held and put forward to the next scheduled meeting. 

We may contact you with any questions or requests for further information. If you are requesting assistance or equipment from a CiaO Award with a high monetary value then we may arrange to visit the project before further assessment of your application takes place.

As a small charity we are not always in a position to support every application received as much as we would like to. This is something to consider when working out what resources and assistance you are requesting from us. 

We aim to assess each application equally and fairly. The Trustees review each application prior to their meetings and provide their comments. These comments are then discussed at the Trustees meeting where a decision is reached.  


All decisions on shortlisted applications will be provided in writing. We are unable to discuss the progress of applications over the telephone. If you are successful in obtaining an Award you will be sent a letter confirming in what form and how the Award will be provided. This will also include the terms and conditions of the Award which you are required to sign and return to us prior to any provision. 

Return of award documentation 

You will be required to return a signed copy of our terms and conditions within 14 days of receipt of the award notification. Failure to do so may jeopardise your CiaO award. 

Provision of the award 

Subject to receipt of the signed terms and conditions document, within the specified timeframe, your award will be provided by preferred method indicated. 

The CiaO Foundation usually requires an award in whichever form it takes be used within 12 months of provision. In exceptional circumstances, please obtain confirmation from the Trust that assistance or resources may be held for longer. Any award not used will need to be returned to The CiaO Foundation.